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PROMOTION (20% OFF): DAHLE Document Shredder MHP-technology - OIL FREE (50314)_Imported From Germany

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PROMOTION (20% OFF): DAHLE Document Shredder MHP-technology - OIL FREE (50314)_Imported From Germany

DAHLE Document Shredder (50314)

**German Engineering by DAHLE**

1. User-friendly document shredder for departmental use.
2. New MHP cutting cylinders (Matrix-High-Performance):
High-quality composite steel cutters that are granting a long life circle.
3. Patented manufacturing process preserves resources by considerablie saving of raw materials compared to a conventional production of cutting cylinders.
4. "Oilfree" for comfortable and environment-friendly shredding - no time consuming lubrication of the cutting cylinders required.
5. Targeted use of perfectly matching components ensures optimum functionality and shredding performance.
6. Clearly designed, user-friendly control panel.
7. Integrated light barrier for automatically starting and stopping.
8. Convenient automatic reverse function.
9. Convenient feed and reverse function.
10. Automatic motor cut-out.
11. Energy-saving sleep mode after 10 minutes at idle and automatic shut-down after 30 minutes.
12. Powerful motor.
13. Extremely quiet operation.
14. Separate CD feed and waste container.
15. High quality wooden cabinet.
16. Wide-opening doors.
17. Convenient swivel  castors.
18. Separate main switch.
19. IEC power connector.
20. 10 strong waste bags included.

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*2 Years Warranty on proper working order provided the product is used as intended.

*35 Years Warranty on the Solid Steel Cutter.